UPDATE! Revised festival programme Friday 10th of August

Strong wind at Kalvøya Friday the 10th of August! Please read the revised program.

The weatherforecast shows very strong wind at Kalvøya Friday the 10th of August. To maintain the security of all participants the festival mangement has decided to move Fridays programme to a big sports  venue at Rykkin. As a conequence there will be some changes in the programme – please read the revised programme below carefully. All confirmation groups will be transported to Helgerud Church for lessons at the start of the day and will be transported by bus to Rykkin later.

Approximately 10:30 bustransport will pick up all participants at schools for transportation. More details will be communicated to the leadership of each group early in the morning.

  • The group from Søndre Slagen should use local buses
  • The participants staying at Belset school should walk to Rykkin sports Venue nearby.

Global colour run will be moved to Saturdays program. Take the chance will be cancelled


12:00: Morning show at Rykkin sports venue

12:00 All confirmation groups will attend lessons in Helgerud Church

Seminar room at 2nd floor:

13:00: Hvordan forstå seg selv og andre med POFU (N)

14:00: Poor millionaires

14:30: Stop running from climate responsibility (Y-talk)

15:00: Climate and responsibility

16:00 Emotions with music

Seminars Hall A

13:00: Poetry slam

14:00: Band: Harmony

15:00: Cultural dance

18:00: Evening show

Bryn Church Directions/map

15:30: Taizé service

Hall B drop in activities



Speed dating


Drop in 2nd floor


Make your hairs shine


Dinner: 16:00 – 18:00 (Dinner groups will be according to color code – the same as on Kalvøya)

Masschoir rehearsal for the anniversary show will be at Holmen Church. There will be transportation from Rykkinn at 13:30 (for already signed up participants)


9. august 2018