Activism + church = <3 ?

The church has always made it’s mind be heard in the matters of ethics. But how far can the church go? Should it encourage activism og sivil disobedience?

We’ve invited som people who have been quite radical in they’re following of Christ. Listen to their stories and get inspired or provoked.

Gina Gylver is 17 years old, pronounced Christian and leader in Oslo Nature and Youth. She will talk about her community commitment, with particular focus on what the church can do for the climate.

Christoforos Schuff is a 39-year-old American orthodox priest. He has received special attention for his radical lifestyle and his commitment to the equal marriage and refugee question. In 2016, Schruff was arrested during a demonstration in front of the Norwegian parlament.

Media and Communications Manager of German YMCA, Sebastian Vogt, will lead the conversation.

Thursday 9. august

15:30 - Civic Engagement