Our latest updates

With less than 100 days left until the week of your lifetime we have some important information for you!

Within the next week we will finish planning the entire programme. You’ll then find all the different seminars, workshops, prayers, and shows in the programme overview.

The entire festival will be one big celebration of Ten Sing and the work done by the YWCA and YMCA. As a part of the Ten Sing celebration we invite all of you to find your place on the Ten Sing stage and perform for the festival crowd. Your Ten Sing group will be given 15 minutes for the performance so plan wisely. The deadline for registration is the 1st of june! Register your Ten Sing group here.

Are you not from Norway, but would like to be volunteering during the festival? We have 20 spots for international volunteers at Spekter! If you work 3 shifts with the total of 21 hours you will can enjoy the rest of the festival for free! For more information about volunteering check this page

And last, but definitively not least, do you have any friends or members of your group who hasn’t registered as a participant yet? The registration deadline is 1st of June, so they will have to register before that to avoid missing this summer’s best festival! If you want to spend it with your friends, make sure they register too!
We can’t wait to see you all!

2. May 2018