Faith and life at Spekter

At Spekter there will be a bunch of seminars and activities where we explore the christian faith. Common for all of them is that they’re focused on how faith in God is, or could be, a part of young peoples lives in 2018. Culture, ethics, religious activities are critique of religion are some of the topics that will be thematized during the days of the Spekterfestival.

We aim to be relevant for all youth, and wish to have a programme that will welcome and challenge believers and non-believers alike. Spekter is an open festival that welcomes all people, no matter faith or religious background. People are also different in the ways that they wish to engage in questions concerning faith and religion. That is something that is reflected in the program for Spekter: If you’re the one who likes to sit down and listen, if you prefer to run around doing stuff, if you have a masters degree in theology or if you never have opened a bible – you’ll find the seminar perfect for you at Spekter!

14. March 2018