Civic engagement

Who is responsible for climate change, and what can we do about it? How should we relate to conflicts around the globe, and an increasing tense relation between the superpowers of the world? What can we do about the fact that many youths are concerned with their body image, and have issues related to mental health?

Even on a festival you can change the world! Youth today are engaged, and care about what happens around the world, and in their local communities. But a lot is going on, and it can be overwhelming – Facebook is leaking personal information, Trump has withdrawn USA from the Paris agreement, ever new fights between Israel and Palestine, more and more refugees are coming to Europe, discrimination is still a part of everyday life for many people – it is easy to feel powerless. What can and should we do? And does it really matter?

We gather experts and ordinary people to talk about challenges our society has. Here we can learn a lot about different topics, and how we have to relate to everything that is going on. And even better: How we can be a part of the change. Both what we can do as individuals in our everyday life, and also as a part of YMCA/YWCA and their work.

Join interesting and exciting discussions, conversations, talks and workshops, and explore the topics that are forming our lives and world. Our mission is to create a better and more just world, and here you can discover how important your own and other youths role are to manage this.

19. April 2018